Four against the bank

Personal trainer Chris, former star actor Peter and advertising eccentric Max have saved money: for their lifelong dreams, their pension plans, in short: for the future! It's tough luck though that it's just their three investment accounts bank manager Schumacher drives wantonly into a total loss to get rid of the neurotic investment consultant Tobias. Suddenly the outlook for the four men is bleak. Tobias loses his job and his hope for a date with dream workmate Heidi, Peter fears his wife Freddie will leave him, Chris can chuck in the dream of his own health club and Max dreads ending up being financially dependent on his father. Unfortunately there is no chance in hell for the men to get their money back. No chance in hell? Well, not quite... Because Friday is "moving day" – which means enormous amounts of cash are stored in the bank. Thus the guys reach a decision: instead of lynching investment consultant Tobias, they – with his help – rob the bank and regain their well-­‐ earned money. And maybe a little bit more than that… But the four entirely different partners of convenience did not take Dr. Elisabeth Zollner into account! The tough task force expert smells a rat and makes life miserable for the guys. What's more, she has an ace up her sleeve... And so it comes that after their successful robbery our four gunslingers sit with two bags of stolen money in their basement party room but cannot spend even one cent of it. Danger threatens from all sides. Quickly a new ludicrous plan is on the table: the money has to go again! And who better to lay the blame on for the robbery but major asshole Schumacher…?